Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today’s EX GF

Blow job




3 Days

T minus 3 days…….3 days and my Mike will be home…..3 days and my pussy will be filled…..3 days and I am going to ride him like he has never been riden…….3 days until I get to taste his cum……3 days and I hope he fucks me like when he left……3 days and I don’t have to make myself cum everyday…..3 days and my 8 “black dildo gets replaced with my 8″ white hubby….3 days until I feel his tongue on my clit and pussy….3 days until his finger, his dick are in my ass….3 days until I wrap my mouth around him….3 days until I orgasm from someone other than me……3 days…………….


Friday, March 19, 2010

Pucci for men

Oh that’s right, I went there. I just feel bad for the guys in the lab. Working non stop swabbing bicycle seats for pleasant smells.

Really its called Vulva, which in my opinion is equally hilarous as the title of my post. Maybe now I can throw away my old cologne.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twist her

wow nice she is short and stacked just how i like it too but get rid of the twister games dude

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I havent played twister since I was in grade school. Maybe the reason I didnt like it then is because I didnt play with Katie. I will play with her anytime. Never played twister like this before man. I was fucking losing on purpose and shit and she was all like awww. Pussy fallin all in my mouth and shit...tits on green, ass on yellow and pussy on my cock. Holla. Yall come and check how to really play twister wit ya gurrl.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The white husband

Entries I have posted on here thus far have focused on the black lover and the white woman in interracial relationships. Although they are key, I don’t want to overlook the white husband (or white boyfriend if the two are not married).

These pictures provided by AJ reminded me of that fact. I especially like the one to the right.

As you see, the black lover’s cock is buried deep in the blonde wife’s pussy. I like the expression on her face. He obviously is filling her as her white man never did. Meanwhile, her husband holds her face and looks lovingly at her.

Most white husbands enjoy seeing their wives fucked by black men. They see the woman achieving sexual pleasure the white man’s dick could never provide.

Frankly, the white guys get off watching. Notice in the picture to the right how the husband strokes his dick while a strong black man fucks the wife’s pussy. White husbands usually come while watching their wives being fucked. Even if they are restrained so they can’t touch their dicks, the small white shaft will eventually dribble its watery cum from arousal.

This last picture shows another happy hubby in the background. Notice the smile on his face as a strong black man fucks his wife doggy style. Her face shows how intensely she feels the BBC action inside her. If I’m not mistaken, hubby’s right hand is keeping his own dick happy.

In many cases, another pleasure for the white husband is cleaning the black man’s thick cum from his wife’s pussy. Many hubbies become quite adept at licking their wives’ cunts clean.

Thanks again to A.J. for these photographs.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to find free Amateur online

How to find Amateur using online

Well, for a lot of college kids, okay… who am I kidding, you guys out there, hiding in dark corners and staring at the LCD screen, here is the super search you can run on google — find your own FREE porn. Yes that’s right fellas, absolutely FREE Porn.

How do I do this?

1. Go to Google by clicking here

2. In the google search bar, copy and paste the line below

divx) “porn”

Feel free to replace the “porn” with “sex” or “Paris Hilton” :) or whatever and download your favorite ‘artists’ performing

Well, you got your Amateur. How about some free music now. Check out how you can download free music and Mp3’s on the internet using Google.